Grasp the new development of the market and make a stronger and stronger new tangerine industry


In the face of new opportunities and new development, processing enterprises began to enter the field of new citrus health, using innovative technology, improve the comprehensive utilization of skin, meat, slag, juice, nuclear rate, such as the development of ferment beverage, can extend the industrial chain through the deep processing, the Xinhui tangerine peel industry bigger and stronger. Xinhui is a city with a history of nearly 1800 Guangdong famous historical and cultural city, from the Song Dynasty orange culture, both Xinhui millenniumancient County historical witness, but also the unique cultural treasures in xinhui. With its unique value of Xinhui tangerine peel homology of medicine and food, food and taste, among the "Guangdong Sambo" first "Millennium ginseng, dried tangerine reputation hundred years".

The new society, Chen PII, a hundred years of inheritance. Especially in recent years, the new citrus industry is developing rapidly, has sketched out in orange peel as the center, set processing, citrus fruit, tangerine peel trade logistics, cultural tourism is one of the regional industry gathering area, the formation of upstream and downstream industry chain, establish, build, and farming synchronous 123 production integration of agricultural industry new pattern.

In December 5th, the fourth China new Council Chen peel Culture Festival opened in the new society of Jiangmen City, Guangdong province. This year, the modern agricultural industrial park of the national modern agricultural industrial park has been successfully selected as the focus of attention. A modern industrial cluster of orange peel is rising in a combination of seedling breeding, tangerine planting, orange peel processing and cultural leisure. The new pattern of new trend three production integration has formed Liu Qunzhu is the citrus farm of the ecologic plantation of Citrus tea in Xinhui. As early as the 80s of the last century, he had been involved in the new citrus plant. After years of toil, he contracted more than 200 acres of land, specifically Xinhui Citrus Processing pollution-free cultivation, dried tangerine peel, as well as the independent brand citrus tea production.

"In the 80s last century, the planting sales were mainly fresh fruit, not how to do the orange peel. From 2000, the tangerine industry has developed rapidly, and now it has formed a complete industrial chain and developed a variety of tangerine products. Liu Qunzhu said. From smallholder planting to scale farming; from processing workshops to industrialized production; from pure agriculture to business for the whole industry transition to dominate the whole fusion and transformation of cross integration...... In recent years, the transformation and upgrading of the Xinhui Citrus Industry has continued to accelerate. It is expected that in 2017, Xinhui Citrus planting area of about 70 thousand acres, Xinhui Citrus Fruit Yield of over 85 thousand tons, 80 production of about 4300 tons; the leading products of Citrus Xinhui Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae tea output is 8000 tons, the output value of 3 billion 200 million yuan; more than 800 enterprises, the scale of farm households reached more than 2200...... Xinhui tangerine peel is a traditional genuine medicinal material, and the national geographical indication protection product is also the first batch of Guangdong province's first batch of Chinese herbal medicine protection varieties in south of the Five Ridges, which is called Guangdong one treasure. At present, the new industry has formed a new pattern of integration of the 123 production. Cheng Ping, a inspector of the Guangdong provincial agriculture department that has long paid attention to the development of the Xinhui tangerine industry, has made such comments. At the beginning of this year, the Ministry of agriculture and the Ministry of Finance launched the second batch of national modern agriculture industrial park selection. Through the open competition and selection such as application, recommendation, on-site verification and on-site reply, Xinhui modern leather industrial park of Chen peel came to the fore. In September this year, it was selected to create the list of the national modern agriculture industrial park and the project of Guangdong south of the Five Ridges Chinese herbal medicine Guangzhou tangerine peel Industrial Park. According to the "modern agricultural industrial park to create" Xinhui tangerine peel (hereinafter referred to as the "create plan"), industrial park in Xinhui Citrus main producing areas, Sanjiang city will Guifeng town and double water town core area, highlighting the international exhibition and tasting tangerine peel trading base and national industry standard specification for lead peel center, national citrus industry chain the production demonstration platform and the function of food industry positioning tangerine industry gathering area, the construction of the national class orange Industrial Park, to create "Chinese of the world center of tangerine peel".

Create a "plan" mentioned in the "space layout of one axis, four parks, three base", "one axis" along the peel of cultural and creative industries and leisure experience exhibition industry play a tangerine peel axis, ecological conservation and cultural creative tourism function; "four Park" is the three integration and "tangerine village management" Park, palace garden, the new international tangerine peel deep processing Bao Tang biotechnology incubator, Chenpi seven Fort health food research and development industry cluster Park, highlighting the development of science and technology, tangerine peel processing, circulation display and other functions; the "three base" is the main planting area of citrus peel to create advantages in high standard, double water and Sanjiang the three orange peel standard planting base, to build a modern, large-scale raw material base.

Industrial Park will also take tea for citrus Xinhui tangerine peel leading products and the main market driven traditional food upgrade, gradually start the health food and functional health products development, production integration and development, formed 123 tangerine peel tea health food and medicine industry four coordinated, the construction of a three production of four leather industry the whole industry pattern, create qianyiji production the global citrus industry center. The plan of creation put forward that the modern agricultural industrial park of Xinhui and tangerine peel should be built into 123 modern agricultural industrial parks with characteristics of integration, standardization, industrialization and greening. The new development of New Zealand tangerine "march into" big health industry and big health industry is an important trend of structural adjustment and market upgrading in the context of supply side structural reform. The local enterprise, Li Gong International Food Co., Ltd. has been developing the new orange peel for 19 years.

Grasp the new development of the market and make a stronger and stronger new tangerine industry


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