It's enough to read this one


It's enough to read this one

Pictured: capers, capers, capers, capers, orange and orange (from the Internet)

The overshoot between the superior, only let a person feel carefree, close the love of the enemy, also only be more likely to be long lasting, the high mountain meets the water, the moon shines in the pine forest, the square does not make the world beautiful.

ChengXia YunYing days, spring hanging rock waterfalls, when the yunnan puer tea will meet new orange, mellow sweet flavor into the mellow fruit fragrance, orange peel (i.e., dried tangerine or orange peel) absorption with the tea extract, forming a unique flavor, taste must in mandarin at tea.

As the name implies, it is made from pure natural new capers and yunnan pu-erh tea, which are processed by special process without any additives.

Tea with citrus peel has a long history, as early as in the tang dynasty, lu yu "tea jing" has mentioned the tangerine boiled tea.

Dried tangerine or orange peel and pu-erh tea are the health care market, which features are jumps over Chen yue sweet, more Chen Gongxiao more better, more Chen Yueyou value known to the world, when dried tangerine or orange peel and cooked at suitable, especially fresh tea fermentation ripe tea soup thick, high fragrance and the quality characteristics of water embellish perfect combination with the new will be dried tangerine or orange peel of the fruit fragrance, greatly improve it comfort at the same time, will also be pu-erh tea, dried tangerine or orange peel, the two products bind to the properties of the "ecological health", the two complement each other, like nature itself, well promoted the effect of puer tea.

The origin of capers

Words qing daoguang years, known as the "one of the four people of east guangdong" jinshi, new will siu-tong servant here Ben resigned in yunnan, with a fine of yunnan puer tea back home what creek village settlement.

In the fall of that year, luo tianchi felt cold, dry, and expectorant.

The wife used a new remedy for cough and asthma to boil it into orange peel water for him to take.

Luo tianchi thought his wife had sent him white water, and he poured the water into a purple jug with pu 'er tea.

When the tea was drunk, the fragrance of Chen's skin was filled with the fragrance of pu 'er.

He drank a few cups, and he felt his throat relaxed and his phlegm cough less, and for several days the symptoms of the cold had gone away.

From the very beginning, he drank pu 'er and he soaked it together.

On the eve of the winter solstice, the kindred brought lots of fresh and new capers.

Why don't you put pu 'er in the fresh fruit and orange juice, so that they can interact with each other to make it more effective?

Luo tianchi then used a knife to make a ring of leather under the big red tangerine, hollowed out the flesh of the tangerine peel to fill the fine pu 'er tea leaves, then drying and hanging hanging from the cornice under the eaves and natural aging.

Two years later, when he tasted the "new product" of his own creation, he was delighted with the wonderful scent of the tea.

Since the beginning of the fragrant teas as the public praise of the guests, and neighborhood, receiving hundreds and hundreds of thousands, quickly spread, orange was born, and famous in south guangdong tea industry gradually, and with the overseas Chinese come to southeast Asia countries.

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Origin of capers

The new area of the new caper will be unique in terms of geographical conditions, and it is said that the new tea pit village is a gathering place of nimbus, which can overlook the fengshan kumi pagoda in the tea pit, and produce the new capers with superior quality.

Mysterious legend, but there is no lack of scientific basis, liangjiang gathered here, they border, formed with silver lake sides coast as the core of tam river on both sides of the alluvial plain belt, plus three surrounded by natural barrier, fertile land in this area is the most suitable for citrus cultivation area.

And tea producing area in yunnan with suitable for high quality tea to the survival of the good geographical environment, geological features, climate environment, water environment, the forest environment, such as natural ecological environment, mandarin as a combination of both products, due to rich cloud and the advantage of "the beauty of origin" and reputation.


Capers are generally divided into green pu-erh, big red puer and two red pu-erh, which are distinguished from the new types of capers used in tea making.

As a famous specialty in guangdong province, the new caper is a famous specialty of the guangdong province. It is also popular in Ming and qing dynasties because of its unique quality and is listed as a "tribute".

According to the new meeting of Chen PI, the peel can be divided into capers (small green tangerine), tangerine, tangerine and tangerine.

This year, the little green tangerine is a kind of tea made from the immature "infant stage" citrus and pu 'er tea in yunnan.

Xiaoqing mandarin generally smaller than table tennis picking at the beginning of autumn and autumnal equinox, when the skin is not yet mature, the skin is green and the oil chamber point slightly concave and dense, not shrinking, qualitative hard thin skin, smell fragrant air.

General defaults to pick the green orange in the lunar calendar during the beginning of autumn to cold dew (10 months) the skin of the processing, the skin has not yet been shaded, looks green brown even young black color and the oil chamber point slightly concave and dense, not shrinking, qualitative hard thin skin, when more resistant to bubble, bubble water taste fragrant air, give a person with pure and fresh feeling.

It refers to the mature orange peel which is processed in the period of small snow to small cold (i.e., around December).

The exterior color is reddish to red black, there are numerous large and sunken oil chamber, the crease is very obvious.

Soft, thick, sweet and sweet, warm and sweet, warm to the heart.

Refers to the two red orange picking on lunar cold dew to light snow (11 months) during the processing of leather, between green and ripe fruit, so the skin brown yellow to brown, brown, leather is a bit thick with hard, oil chamber concave hole is larger, slightly sweet flavour is hard.

Made from the traditional to bright red orange mandarin is the most common, but as the major tea companies, mainly the xiaoqing orange citrus products, because in the aroma, convenience and other advantages, has become very popular on the market.

At the same time, capers also have tea cake, gold - silk single bubble, and other forms, mainly made of capers, because different characteristics have their own fans.

The making process of capers

The process of making capers seems simple: pick fruit, wash fruit, dry, cut the hat, take the meat, air the sun, enter the tea, dry.

But this final drying is key to mandarin's product quality, clear the general way of dry type can be divided into baking and natural drying type, the difference between the two is that the mandarin after loaded tea dry method.

The roasting type is used to dry the roasting machine under different temperature.

And natural sun - type is to use the sunlight and the north wind natural air drying, the two methods make each have their own characteristics.

The baking type of orange, through the processing of variable temperature, finished product show red brown color, orange peel oil on the surface of the chamber light, greatly improve the tea and the fragrance of orange peel and its degree of fusion, make the mandarin, presents the characteristics of sweet mellow, the old is better.

Natural raw drying type mandarin, after the baptism of the sun, finished the fruit color in colour, with aromas of fresh citrus fruit flavor, the production of the new born at the sun orange flavour is not suitable for brewing, dominated by more than 3 years, the Chen fragrant smell will emerge in endlessly, and pu 'er tea is mellow crossing each other, become mandarin level collection of treasures.


For tea lovers, the effect of pu 'er is already very clear, with "one thousand ginseng, dried tangerine or orange peel, one hundred," said the new orange, with spleen, stomach, dry wet on medicinal, expectorant effect.

Mandarin, will set the new orange peel and the advantages of both in a region of new will give full play to the effect of "qi" tangerine peel, with spleen and nourishing the stomach, qingrejiedu, phlegm cough, lipid-lowering diet, raise colour beauty as well as resistance to hardening of the arteries, anti-aging and sober, and so on.

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Pictured: the method of brewing of small green orange (from the Internet)

As a kind of drink that can reflect the taste of life and have a good health effect, it is suitable for public consumption.

The study found that people who often smoke but a cup of tea for a long time than smoking is not only a cup of tea, a much smaller risk of developing cancer, but some cold tea, smoking is not suitable for intestines and stomach bad, and the new will be orange tea can warm the stomach, and can prevent cancer, very suitable for smokers to drink.

For a man who often use the computer, the new will be orange contains carotene, vitamin C, vitamin P, contains a lot ofin tea polyphenols, trace elements, etc., a combination of these can effectively prevent radiation, anti-aging.

In addition, capers are especially suitable for people who have a bad stomach for their stomachs. They can warm their stomachs, and the new capers are invigorating and invigorating the spleen.

Drinking tea is a long process, intestines and stomach bad advice in half an hour after the meal, after a period of time, intestines and stomach discomfort status will be improved, and if the meat is too much, also can timely, the drink several cups of orange can help digestion, eliminate fat, reduce gastrointestinal discomfort.

Capers and storage

Not only do capers have the mellow tea of pu 'er tea, but also the freshness of the tangerine, and drink a mouthful of mellow and long, and then go back to gan shengjin, which makes people feel refreshed.

, can use the jug, the brewing orange silver pot, glass pot boil drinking directly, first of all, a tea fruit, removed from a jar torn wrapping paper, if it is xiaoqing, small cap on the tea opened, then the whole fruit tea into the pot, and then gently and slowly into the boiling water, the water temperature is 100 ℃, from the top of the mandarin's finely injection, slowly permeate, 1 wash after water boiling tea tea, blunt start every time tea soak for 5 seconds, 2 to 12 blunt gradually increase after soaking time;

If is the red orange, the orange peel tear carefully and take 5 g pu-erh tea, again break about 3 g mandarin orange peel, together into the pot, after boiling water XiCha embellish tea, 2 flush for 6 seconds, 15 rushed after every 5 seconds.

It is worth mentioning that, after the blisters, capers still have a rich aroma and bright color, so it is very suitable for leisure or party.

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The picture shows the little green orange (from the Internet) in the tea soup and the brewing process.

Capers can be stored in cans, cans, and glass bottles in a ventilated and ventilated room.

Be sure to stay away from high humidity and high temperature.

Please do not place with miscellaneous or smelly goods.

Do not store in the refrigerator.

Is caper tea and orange pucha, orange pucha, the same thing?

In addition to the new will, also known for mandarin and zhaoqing emperor mandarin, chaoshan area of chaozhou citrus, zhuhai mandarin orange and guangxi, but due to different geographic location, soil nutrients, the overall quality and the new can have gap, especially the core area of orange peel for mandarin's, only new orange + yunnan pu-erh tea products are made of the most authentic.

Orange pucha, made from other citrus fruits, has no obvious taste of orange and is much cheaper.

New orange peel has a medicinal effect, since the ancient times is a kind of health medicine, and ordinary orange because covers a variety of fruits, such as money, orange, sweet orange, sour orange, and the skin on the stand or fall of the human body has not yet clearly defined tea friends when the choose and buy, need to recognize their own drinks demand, pay attention to personal health, cautious to buy.

Why do some capers have white frost on their skins?

"Hoar" on the surface of the dried fruit is usually referred to as "fruit cream", is a sugary substance, contains a lot of water in fresh fruit and glucose and fructose, when it was burnt into dried fruit moisture evaporation, glucose and fructose in pulp condense into white powder material on seepage to the skin to form the "fruit cream".

"Fruit cream" is an important standard, judge the quality of dried fruit and rich in nutritional value and efficacy, "recorded in medical applications and the west" is recorded: "persimmon frost color white into the lung, the slide can also benefit lung phlegm, the lip can zi phlegm-heat type.".

Mandarin's surface "hoar", in fact, with the formation mechanism of "fruit cream" is similar but slightly different, in the hometown of dried tangerine or orange peel new will "hoar" called "crystal" crystal "oil", is the orange peel after high temperature baking the release of the crystallization of oil formation.

In the more core areas of the fruit, the more oil in the skin, the more white frost, in the new local, with the product of orange and orange, the more white frost is more popular.

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How to choose orange?

1. Look at the cortex: the authentic new capers are thicker, with irregular grooves in the outer epidermis.

2. Oil quality: authentic new mandarin orange peel with high oil content, with a nail scraping, will have a stimulating oil fragrance.

3. See production: after the sun and low temperature bake, the authentic new mandarin orange skins are natural skin color and texture.

(author: jiang weiwei, source: pu 'er magazine)

For the knowledge of pu 'er tea brewing and preservation, please add nanming tea to the senior assessment of the tea party: 6480348 (long press copy) to exchange and learn.


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