In 2017, hot money is pouring into the new caper tea or into the market mainstream


In 2017, hot money is pouring into the new caper tea or into the market mainstream

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Since 2015, the community and individual media has spread: new citrus planting area and output is increased, resulting in fresh fruit harvest "quantity price falls", "fruit base hurt farmers", "burst" myth is sorrow.

But many in the industry believe that the new capital will be diversified, not only with Chen skins, but also with a variety of deep processing and innovative products. It is too early to make any guesses about the collapse of prices.

Who is right?

The reporter made a field interview.

The 60, 000 mu of new caper will balance the quality and price stability

The new urban area will go straight south along qichao avenue, and the city on both sides of the road will be emerald green. The new capers will be covered with branches and red, and the harvest will be finished.

According to the information from agriculture and forestry bureau of xinhui district, the newly planted area of the new meeting in 2015 is about 60,000 mu, with a fruit area of 30,000 mu, which is estimated to be 60,000 tons, which is estimated to increase by about 15,000 tons to 20,000 tons in 2014, and the increase is about 25%.

"This year the new capers continue to increase their output and enter a faster stage of development."

Xinhui ddaf deputy director pan joaquin said, at present, as the tree age in 5 to 8 years old orange tree grow in quantity, strong potential to continue to increase in the production of the new will be orange, 2016 had more fresh fruit, producing more than it did in 2015.

At the same time, the present new citrus orchard management subject to large farmers, farmers cooperatives is given priority to, between the main body has enough capacity, from planting and sales to processing have formed their own channels.

In double water town small royal citrus garden, was elected the new will be dried tangerine or orange peel industry association, vice President of orange park owner about the male tells a reporter, until the first 10 days at the beginning of 2015, a new basic good crop weather, sunny, and fully implementing GAP, organic farming, orange tree GuaGuo and more close, in order to guarantee have adequate nutrients gave birth to the late red orange, his early from mid-july, then at the request of the customer in advance ten tens of thousands of jins, the thinning picks green orange at the price of 6 yuan per kilogram.

However, due to the impact of the typhoon rainstorm in early October 2015, the whole area was partially submerged in orange plantations to relieve the burden of the flooded orange trees.

Due to the increase in the amount of green tangerine, the price of green fruit has decreased slightly, and some people have misjudged the decline in the price of fresh orange this year.

Some of the outlying traffic has been hit by panic and the effects of the scare have reduced prices.

However, after the "rainbow", the weather continues to be good, and the fruit quality is very good, after the fresh fruit of the new caper garden.

The price of the new caper is equal to that of last year, and the price of the quality is still firm.

Reporter in new will rev super avenue, golden gate road, new highways, dual water cliff door see, such as the big orange garden along the road to solicit customers hang eye-catching banner on marked price, although the location different prices, but most of the above 5 yuan/kg.

In the suburb of the city, including sanjiang town, there are generally 8-10 yuan/jin, some even as high as 18 yuan.

The zhuangyuan garden in the towns of shuangshui, gujing and the former is also worth more than 6 yuan per jin.

The price of fresh mandarin, which some believe is a prime location, remains strong.

Throughout this year, the price of fresh fruit for fresh fruit is roughly the same as last year.

Reporters from dried tangerine or orange peel respectively open pit village, village market co., LTD and tea fair and the new will be orange street learned that will clinch a deal the property of the new orange lowest price 5.5 yuan/kg, up to 25 yuan/jin, believe as listed on the big red orange, prices also rise space.

However, some people in the line pointed out that it is not ruled out that there are bad dealers who are masquerading as new local capers with a large amount of local capers, but the market generally tends to buy and sell the basic balance, and the quality price is stable.

People in the industry also point out that the new capers will not be sold in the fields like other melons.

If fresh fruit prices are not ideal, growers can sell part of take back the cost, the remaining open leather collection right price to sell the skin for the coming year, and new dried tangerine or orange peel is one year long value higher and higher, the only drawback is that a backlog of funds, so the concept of "dried tangerine or orange peel bank" and the trial application.

Will, however, the new agriculture department head or cautiously, called for a new will be multi-element production capacity and market digest and dried tangerine or orange peel orange fruit production to maintain the proper matching, with the increase of GuaGuo area in coming years, output also increased year by year, the new will be dried tangerine or orange peel, the new orange, tea and other products are gradually accepted by the mainland people, especially the development of the electricity, the large electric business such as alibaba, jingdong new dried tangerine or orange peel and dried tangerine or orange peel tea sales are soaring, large quantities of sales to the north, increasing market demand for space, in the long run, the rigid demand without weakening trend, new dried tangerine or orange peel to maintain current price or have the possibility to continue to appreciate.

Although the new Chen PI investment value is favored, but local experts and scholars calmly reminded that the new capers should be careful not to overoptimistic, blindly chasing the wind to create excess.

At present and this year, 60,000 mu is a relatively suitable area.

In 2017, hot money is pouring into the new caper tea or into the market mainstream

The transformation and upgrading of the diversified expansion of orange tea Chen pu into the mainstream

Experts predict that the 60,000 mu of new capers will go into the fruit stage in three or two years, with a capacity of 120,000 tons per year, and a bumper harvest of 150,000 tons.

According to the present new dried tangerine or orange peel industry development situation is difficult to digest, but the good news is that, with the deep processing of dried tangerine or orange peel industry, the rapid development of new product diversification, continuously strengthen its strength, speed, breadth, especially for citrus tea market's development and the increase of big small and medium-sized enterprises, the industry presents the processing capacity, output and market accomodation synchronous ascension, have 60000 mu, the new will be orange with annual capacity of 150000 tons for 12 - production, is expected to digest.

But its industry must be on the fast track to diversify and upgrade.

Still, there are questions about how much the new capers will produce this year, and how much will it not affect prices?

I know one or two.

Will new dried tangerine or orange peel industry after more than a decade in the district government and relevant departments, supported by the masses of citrus farmers and dried tangerine or orange peel enterprise implements the updating concept, industry development, product development, diversified development, in the transformation and upgrading of the fast lane.

The Chen PI industry in the district is made up of five series of products, such as orange tea, sugar cake food, health care, and collection of value-added products.

And the tangerine tea series is a mainstream product that is second only to the new ones, which sold thousands of tons last year.

The industry is expected to produce an estimated value of 8 to 1 billion yuan this year alone.

The recent good news: in 2015, in the capital city of the great hall of the people on October 28, the third China • new dried tangerine or orange peel culture festival press conference, the new will won the "China (new) dried tangerine or orange peel tea of the township" opening;

The China pharmaceutical culture research association announced and cooperated with the new meeting to create a "demonstration base of Chinese characteristic drug culture industry".

The new conference area government signed a strategic cooperation agreement with on rural e-commerce.

The prospect of hot money flooding into new orange companies makes big cakes

New will be dried tangerine or orange peel industry association area bai yu, said to reporters: "the new century with the new mounting will be dried tangerine or orange peel culture propaganda, to have deep historical culture in seven thousand eight hundred, at the same time both medicine food homology, health care, fragrant teas tea ceremony, food flavoring and appreciation of diverse functions such as collection new dried tangerine or orange peel, get more widely accepted and rush to the general public.

Coupled with its deep processing of developing derivative Chen Pu tea, citrus, tea, dried tangerine or orange peel wine, health drink, tangerine peel, dried tangerine or orange peel, pastry cake cool food, dried tangerine or orange peel fruit, spices, dried tangerine peel gradually formed on the middle and lower reaches of the industrial chain, and welcome by the market, the new will be dried tangerine or orange peel industry presents ascendant, diversified development, upgrading the new normal."

From shunde new will, sincerity and local new one of citrus planting base, engaged in dried tangerine or orange peel and orange tea "mandarin nutonetm" cooperation of enterprise, set up "and rectify" investor, told reporters after his careful market research and analysis, the new will be dried tangerine or orange peel industry especially citrus, tea, tea Chen Pu although development rapidly in recent years, but its market coverage is limited to the province of Hong Kong and Macao and surrounding areas, even though it has reached thousands of tons of annual sales.

If it extends to the provinces of northern China and even exports abroad, there is no limit to the market prospect, which is far from being done.

Therefore, he is optimistic about the market prospect of Chen PI industry, and he has invested heavily in cooperation with local enterprises to build a factory in the town of luo keng.

The analysis of the above investors is not only in the local industry, but also in the domestic and Hong Kong and macau tea industry and the food medicine industry.

The formation of an influx of new situation.

Association secretary-general RongQiRen said: "in fact in the new dried tangerine or orange peel origin xinhui, have a try first, state, Oregon, Chen gong, and joy, huafeng (HuaTong), li palace international, new saybot Chen companies take the lead in investment factories, development make this market big cake.

In recent years, there have been investment in nocheng, xiang yi, wan li wang and xinyun of orange.

In the past two years, there have been more deep fields, tangerine garden, Chen PI village, hongbao sheng, hui chun, changchun, changcheng, san-good, nanyang, shangdaoyi and other Chen enterprises to invest in the construction of factories or commissioned workers.

It is the world brand's "tiandi 1" and "li jinji group" that are also paying attention to the world brand.

By 2015, the influx of hot money was even more obvious, with a series of "orange groves", "changlong" and "Dan's tea", "jin kangbao" and other large and medium-sized orange and orange tea plants, and the production of Chen's factory.

These factories not only invest in large scale, but also have high starting point, high technical content and high degree of mechanization, not only processing and producing themselves, but also producing for production.

Reporter also learned that the upcoming 2016, there is a lot more from south yunnan, jiangsu and zhejiang, fujian and guangdong province's cis, dongguan, zhongshan, zhuhai, shenzhen and other more powerful large tea companies or chain business enterprise spending up to a new large enterprise will develop new citrus tea."


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