Xinhui Citrus tea will enter the international market


Xinhui Citrus tea will enter the international market

Xinhui Chen skin is the dry peel of the new caper, which is one of the ten most popular medicines of guangdong province. It is also the first of "three treasures of guangdong".

The new capers and pu-erh tea are famous for the more Chen yuxiang, the better the effect, the more value of Chen yue, the new caper (Chen PI) pu 'er tea is the perfect combination of the two.

In 2016, the new orange (dried tangerine or orange peel) puer tea products in the national tea market, attract the attention of a lot of foreign businessmen, therefore, many new mandarin (orange) puer tea production enterprises urgently need to get the export qualification, obtain the "knock brick" of the international market.

The reporter understands from guangdong new will inspection and quarantine bureau, jiangmen soup dad tea industrial co., LTD. Was recently granted an export food production enterprises for the record, will become the country's first with new mandarin (orange) puer tea export qualification of enterprises, is now the first batch of products the company has in the export formalities.

The new caper tea is exported abroad, everything is prepared, only the east wind.


It is reported that the new caper (Chen PI) industry as a local characteristic of the new rich agriculture industry, has been the focus of guangdong new inspection and quarantine bureau services local economic development.

The enterprise will achieve the country's first new mandarin (dried tangerine or orange peel tea export qualification, is the bureau by implementing the precise support service to check the strategy, will help local characteristics new mandarin (orange) transform and upgrade the industry to promote the development of quality and obtained achievements again and again and again.

The time it takes to get the tea from hot to export is very short, mainly because foreign merchants are interested in orange tea.

This also explains from the side that capers tea is very good for foreigners' taste, and provides a reference for pu 'er tea merchants to study pu 'er tea.

It is believed that the great heat of caper tea in the international market will give pu 'er tea a new opportunity for development.


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Xinhui Citrus tea will enter the international market

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